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The story matters. . . . A game that involves exploration, character interaction, story and puzzle solving. Different from a role-playing game in that the adventure game usually does not include “hit points” or fighting. Play free adventure games online. Adventure games are similar to dungeon and dragons; solve puzzles, explore, quest, seek and find, treasure hunt. Action-Adventure genre is the only hybrid genre that has distinguished itself as an accepted genre in it own rights. The action component allows for quick, reflexive movements as the character dodges and hunts down enemies–while the adventure component adds conceptual puzzles and story elements to the game. Pure adventure gamers aren’t ususally interested in action-adventures because they are used to the slower pace of adventure games. Adventure: The goal of these games are to gather treasure and return to a safe haven. In order to find all the treasures, players have to use objects to unlock areas that allow deeper access into the gaming world. Role Playing Games: Explore fantastical realms where the line between good and evil is blurred. Every game takes you to a world where you are limited only by your imagination as you build and grow your character. You will lead epic journeys, battle hordes of grotesque monsters, gather magical spells, wield powerful weapons and hone your cunning on the road to victory.

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